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Ron White Tickets For Seats In The Mirage Theatre

Ron White Las Vegas Show

Ron White Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Mirage Theatre of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Ron White is a comedian best known for his “Blue Collar Comedy” collaboration with Jeff Foxworthy. If you are familiar with Ron’s comedy acts, you’ll know he’s always smoking cigars and drinking Scotch or whiskey. In fact, you’ll see one of each in his hands when he steps out onto the stage in the Mirage Theatre. His standup comedy show is approximately 90 minutes long. The minimum age for admittance is 16 years or older. 

Ron White Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Ron White Vegas tickets is 10:00 PM on select dates. As of now, the performance dates are Fridays and Saturdays only. However, these dates are subject to change depending on Ron White’s schedule and the demand for tickets to see his show at the Mirage Theatre. But with only two performance dates weekly, the demand for tickets to the Friday and Saturday shows is higher than ever.

When purchasing your Ron White tickets, you’ll want to ensure you get the best seats in the Mirage Theatre. That is why we recommend reserving your tickets a couple of months in advance before visiting Las Vegas. Then you’ll have a better chance of finding Ron White show tickets for high-quality and affordable seating at your preferred date and time.

Ron White Ticket Prices

The Ron White show in Las Vegas has three seat categories in the Mirage Theatre: Category A, Category B, and Category C. The total seat capacity in the theater is approximately 1,265 seats. Therefore, it is a big theater with plenty of seats to reserve for each showtime. But due to the popularity of the Ron White show, all these seats sell out quickly as it gets closer to the scheduled showtime.

Ron White Las Vegas show tickets are not the cheapest tickets for a Las Vegas show that you’ll find. The minimum ticket price ranges from $88 to $110, depending on your seat and section. The most preferred seating is in Row AA of Category A because it is the closest row to the center stage. But, of course, seating in this row is the most difficult to obtain because it sells out fast.

Let’s explore the three main categories in more detail below:

Category C

Category C contains the farthest and most rear rows of seats from the center stage. It consists of the longer last row in the theater, Row O, and the two smaller left and right side sections of Row P. The right side of Row P has approximately 6 seats, and the left side of Row P has 4 seats. If you don’t mind sitting in the far back of the theater for a much cheaper ticket price, then a Category C seat is a perfect choice. The minimum price of Ron White comedy tickets in Category C is $88.

Category B

Category B contains several seat rows in front of the last row of Category C. It doesn’t have nearly as many rows as Category A, but it will put you slightly closer to the center stage. The rows of Category B include Row J, Row K, Row L, Row M, and Row N. In addition, Category B has four more seats in a separate smaller section of Row P way in the back between the other two sections of Row P. The minimum price of Ron White Mirage tickets in Category B is $99.

Category A

Category A is the biggest and best seating category of them all. It contains the most rows in the entire theater, including the rows closest to the center stage. The rows in Category A range from Row AA to Row LL and Row A through Row H. As mentioned, the best row of seats is Row AA because it is directly in front of the stage. But you can also find several other rows behind Row AA which are close to the stage, such as Row BB, Row CC, and Row DD. The minimum price of Ron White VIP tickets in Category A is $110.

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