Come Experience Paranormal Activity and a 1932 Séance Ritual Recreation


Séance brings audiences on a spiritual journey into the deepest and darkest secrets of Hotel Apache in Las Vegas. In case you didn’t know, Hotel Apache is one of the oldest hotels in the city. Many people believe it is a haunted hotel with many supernatural and paranormal activities taking place there. It is the perfect setting for Vegas magic shows like Séance.

The Silvagni family founded the hotel in 1932. Rumor has it that the spirits of several mobsters and their victims lie here. Throughout the years, people have come to the hotel to witness the paranormal activity firsthand. But you don’t have to believe in ghosts and spirits to enjoy the Séance show. Just have a creatively open mind.

Séance Las Vegas Review

Séance recreates an actual séance ritual from 1932. It is limited to 16 people only and lasts for about 75 minutes or so. The experience takes place in the Séance Room at the Hotel Apache, associated with Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to participate in the experience.

However, if you have physical disabilities or mobility issues, then you won’t be able to participate. Guests are required to walk up one or more flights of stairs. You’ll also have to sign a special waiver before you’re allowed to participate. The waiver acknowledges that you understand the physical requirements involved and won’t hold the hotel responsible if you have physical issues during the show.

The séance will awaken the spirits inhabiting the room. Audiences will see and hear things they’ve never witnessed before. It is an immersive journey where you can interact with paranormal artifacts and ask questions to the spirits with the assistance of a medium. As the medium makes contact with the “other side,” you’ll see swinging pendulums, flashing thermal cameras, and floating tables. You won’t even be able to tell whether they’re real spirits or just impressive magic tricks.

Unlike other Las Vegas shows that have optional audience participation, Séance requires guests to participate. You won’t be sitting down in a seat while watching a stage performance. Instead, you will be walking up flights of stairs and actively participating in a séance ritual alongside a spiritual guide.

Of course, the Séance experience is for entertainment purposes only. The spiritual guide is an actor who pretends to be a medium. The audience is encouraged to go along with the activity as if it were real. It is the best way to enjoy the experience and open your mind to the possibility that spirits could exist in this house.

Seance - Vegas magic show

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Since Séance allows only 16 participants per session, you must book your reservations well in advance. Think about staying at the Binion Hotel during your time in Vegas. Not only will it give you quick access to the Séance show, but you might even encounter real spirits on your own. After all, the hotel has reportedly experienced real hauntings in the past. Perhaps the spirits will come for you too.