Shin Lim Dress Code

“America’s Got Talent” Winning Magician Hosts a Show with a Casual Dress Code

Shin Lim Las Vegas Dress Code

Shin Lim learned magic from watching YouTube videos and developed his own magic tricks from the lessons learned. He is a world-class magician known for winning the 13th season of America’s Got Talent. When you see his magical performances in Las Vegas, no Shin Lim dress code is enforced at the Mirage Theatre of the Mirage Hotel.  

The people who attend the Shin Lim Las Vegas show wear casual clothing, such as shirts and jeans. You may see people wear formal attire, but it is optional. The Shin Lim Las Vegas dress code allows attendees to wear whatever is comfortable for them in the theater.

Of course, you cannot wear whatever you want. The dress code for Shin Lim does expect you to keep your body mostly covered with clothing, which means no swimwear or cut shorts. Most people can manage with this rule.