Soul of Motown Seating Chart

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Soul of Motown

Soul of Motown is an electrifying concert-style event that recreates the greatest music and songs to ever come from Motown Records. It has been rated the number one show for almost ten years because of the talented performers and impersonators of the most famous Motown legends. You’ll see and hear reintroductions of classic Motown bands and singers, such as Stevie Wonder, The O’Jays, The Jackson 5, Sam Cooke, The Miracles, Aretha Franklin, and Gladys Knight.

Soul of Motown Seating Chart

Soul of Motown Seating Chart

The Soul of Motown show is performed at the Westgate Cabaret of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel. The Soul of Motown seating chart of the Westgate Cabaret indicates a total seat capacity of 350 seats. It is a small showroom that creates a more intimate and personal setting for the audience.

There are two primary sections in the showroom: the VIP and the Terrace. Most of the available seating is in the Terrace section. It is an elevated section further away from the stage but with a direct and aligned view of it. Some people love the Terrace because it is private and provides a broader view of the entire stage and its performers.

The VIP section is on the lower floor and closest to the center stage. If you want to see your favorite Motown legends as close as possible, then you should choose a seat in the VIP section.

The most affordable seats on the Soul of Motown seating chart are $40 and up. The $40 seats are in the Terrace Section away from the stage but elevated for broader viewing. On the other hand, you can spend $15 more and pay $55 for seats in the VIP section. Both choices are affordable for most guests who come to the Westgate Cabaret to see the Soul of Motown show.

What are The Best Seats for Soul of Motown?

The best seats on the Soul of Motown seating chart are in the VIP section. It is the most popular choice because you get a clear view of the impersonators and all the dancing and singing that occurs on stage.

However, you should not disregard the Terrace section either. It may be slightly cheaper than the VIP section, but it gives you a much broader scope of all the action on stage. So, the choice depends on your preferences as an audience member.

How Many Seats are In The Soul of Motown Theater?

The Soul of Motown has 350 seats in the Westgate Cabaret in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel.