Tape Face

Come See an Out-There Comedian with a History of TV Showcases

Tape Face Show

If you like your comedy to come with a ridiculous edge, then you will absolutely love a trip to see Tape Face at Harrah’s Showroom. This event is a must-see for anyone with a love of the kind of comedy that absolutely bonkers comedian Tape Face puts on. From one look at the guy, you can tell that this is a comedian with a pretty whacky outlook on the world. Having made his name on major shows like America’s Got Talent, Tape Face is now waiting to wow his Vegas audience like never before.

Tape Face Las Vegas Review

Comedians need to be able to command a crowd, and Tape Face is an absolute devil at making sure the crowd dances to his particular tune. Whether it’s his eccentric outlook on the world or his crazy routines seen on shows like AGT, Tape Face knows how to keep the audience laughing. Come along and see the equivalent of a royal jester going to work in his most enigmatic way. If you want to find one of the most enigmatic comedy shows in Vegas, then you will absolutely love this act.

Did you know that Tape Face is a Clown College graduate? He’s got the style, the quirky charm, and the outrageous outlook on the world to match. Otherwise known by his real name Sam Wills, this comedic Kiwi is someone with an eye for the outrageous. Come along to one of his shows and you can see for yourself why the crowds in Vegas are so enamored by this enigmatic act.

He’s become a legend of the Harrah’s experience, and is one that many people book in to see more than once while they flit through the Vegas wonderworld. If you enjoy a comedian who has a bit of an edge to his humor without taking it to adult levels, then Tape Face makes a wonderful evening out.

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There are precious few things in this world quite as hilarious as a man who is so comfortable in his own skin. Despite the aesthetic, Tape Face is a comedian who knows how to put things across in a way that needs no words. His outrageous stunts will have you wide-open with laughter, ensuring that you spend the evening in raptures as you watch one of the main attractions on AGT make the most of his outstanding mind. Come along, then, and see one of the best Vegas shows for yourself.

Comedians should come with a routine outside of a few tried-and-tested gags. With Tape Face, you are going to see a comedian who has more in his arsenal of schemes and sets than you are likely to find anywhere else.

Book up with your tickets today, then, and see for yourself why Tape Face has become a premium comedy event in Vegas for those who like their comedy to come with a bit of extra thinking.

FAQs About Tape Face Show

What is Tape Face in Vegas?

Tape Face is a comedian and mime whose trademark is a piece of black duct tape over his mouth. He performs physical comedy and makes people laugh without saying a word.

Is Tape Face good?

Tape Face is a highly entertaining and creative show. Any performer who can win over the support of the judges on “America’s Got Talent” must be good, especially if they do it without speaking. If you’re in the mood to see a different kind of comedy, Tape Face is a great show to see. 

How long Is Tape Face in Las Vegas?

Tape Face performs at the House of Tape Theater within Harrah’s Las Vegas. With showtimes at 2 PM and 7 PM running Tuesday through Sunday, the show performs for about 90 minutes.

Is Tape Face show kid friendly?

Yes, Tape Face is a kid-friendly and family-friendly show at Harrah’s Cabaret of the Harrah’s Hotel. There is no age restriction to see the show, so you can bring children of all ages to see it.

Does Tape Face still have a Vegas show?

Yes, Tape Face continues to perform his show at Harrah’s Cabaret of the Harrah’s Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.

Where Does The Tape Face Play?

The Tape Face plays at the Harrah’s Cabaret at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Check out more Harrah’s shows in Las Vegas.

What Are The Best Seats For Tape Face Show?

Finding the best seats for the Tape Face show is easy with the Tape Face Las Vegas seating chart. Here, you will be able to see which seating section best suits your budget and your preference!

What is Tape Face real name?

Tape Face’s real name is Sam Willis.

Where was Tape Face born?

Sam Willis (aka. Tape Face) was born in Timaru, New Zealand, on August 28th, 1978.

Where does Tape Face Live?

Sam Willis (aka. Tape Face) has a residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he performs his Tape Face shows at Harrah’s Cabaret.  

What kind of tape does Tape Face use?

Tape Face uses duct tape over his mouth.

Does Tape Face speak?

Tape Face does not speak during his performances because he has a big piece of duct tape over his mouth. However, the actor behind the character, Sam Willis, does speak when he doesn’t have duct tape over his mouth. 

What season was Tape Face on AGT?

Tape Face appeared in season 11 of America’s Got Talent. He made it all the way to the finals before getting eliminated. 

What place did Tape Face get on AGT?

Tape Face made it to the bottom five of the top ten finalists in season 11 of America’s Got Talent.

Did Tape Face win America’s Got Talent?

Tape Face performed in Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. He did well in the season and was amongst the final ten contestants. Unfortunately, he was eliminated at the end and did not win.

How much are Tape Face tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Tape Face Las Vegas tickets is $39 and up. But if you want to sit next to the center stage, you can pay $62 for your seats. 

How to Get Discount Tickets for Tape Face?

Tape Face tickets typically start around $66, but we have some fantastic ways for you to save and pay even less! Be sure to read through all of the different ways you can save big on tickets to the show in our Tape Face discount tickets guide!