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Discounted Terry Fator Tickets For Seats In The Liberty Loft Theater

Terry Fator

Terry Fator Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Liberty Loft Theater of the New York – New York Hotel in Las Vegas. The Liberty Loft Theater contains anywhere between 400 and 500 seats. The low seat capacity creates an intimate setting for audiences as they watch the brilliant Terry Fator perform his illusions and impressions on stage in front of them. So even if you purchase a cheaper seat in the rear section of the theater, you’ll still have a pretty good view of Terry Fator and the entire stage.

Terry Fator Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Terry Fator Vegas tickets is 7:30 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the Liberty Loft Theater. No performances are scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays at the moment. So if you are planning to visit Las Vegas on the weekend, you’ll have to prepare for a Sunday show or try to extend your weekend into the following weekdays. Therefore, anyone coming to Las Vegas for longer than two days will find at least one available date which accommodates their schedule. 

Terry Fator tickets are in high demand. Since his show is available to guests five years of age or older, Terry Fator: Whos the Dummy Now has become one of the most popular magic-themed family shows in Las Vegas. The 7:30 PM showtime is also convenient for adults bringing their children to the show because it is still early enough in the evening before they go to sleep.

Terry Fator Ticket Prices

Do you have any particular seating preferences for the Terry Fator show in Las Vegas? Are you on a tight budget? You need to answer these two questions before purchasing your Terry Fator tickets. They will help you decide whether you should spend more money on quality seating in the theater or less money on general seating. In the end, most guests are happy with whatever they can afford because Terry Fator’s performance is a magical experience for everyone in the theater.

The Terry Fator tickets in Las Vegas can get you seating in one of the three primary seating categories in the Liberty Loft Theater. These categories are as follows: Category A, Category B, or Category C. Your goal should be to get seating in Category A because it offers the best views in the entire theater. The ticket prices in the three categories are between $50 and $60, so there isn’t much of a price difference. That means anyone on a budget can find quality seating at an affordable price.

Here is a description of the three primary seating categories in the Liberty Loft Theater:

Category C

Are you looking for the most affordable Terry Fator in Las Vegas tickets? If so, you should purchase tickets for seating in Category C. The last rows in the back of the theater are considered Category C. While they put you far away from the center stage and Terry Fator, the upside is that the minimum ticket price is $50. But what’s even better is that sometimes there are special discounts which slash that price further. 

Category B

Category B contains several seating rows in front of Category C. You’ll sit closer to the middle of the theater without actually being in the middle. Instead, you’ll be right behind the middle seating rows of the theater but in front of the last rows of Category C. The minimum price was usually $60, but that price has been cut by $10. So now, you can spend as little as $50 for seating in Category B, which is the same price for seating in Category C. You’d be wise to purchase Category B seating if available.

Category A

Do you care more about quality seating than budget-friendly seating? You could buy Terry Fator VIP tickets and get seating in one of the frontal rows near the center stage. It would give you a much closer few of Terry Fator and all his different puppets and illusions. The minimum price for the VIP tickets is $60, which is only $10 more than the ticket prices for seats in the other categories. If you can spare the extra $10 expense, it would be worth paying for VIP tickets to get the ultimate show experience.

The Liberty Loft Theater is close to Tom’s Urban restaurant in the New York – New York Hotel. The prices of tickets for shows in Las Vegas are constantly changing or updating based on the number of available seats and cancellations. And since there is a limited seating capacity in the theater, the best time to purchase Terry Fator show tickets is a couple of months in advance to ensure your desired seating is available. 


Discounts on Terry Fator Las Vegas tickets are available on the discount tickets page in Vegas Lens. Even though there is a high demand to see the Terry Fator show, the regular showtimes and dates allow the Terry Fator production team to offer such discounts to fill vacancies if available. So if you are interested in finding Terry Fator Las Vegas discount tickets, you can always find specials and discount opportunities on the discount tickets page in Vegas Lens. The page is updated with new discount offerings frequently.

Look for a Terry Fator promo code on the discount code page as well. A promo code is a limited-time offer where you can receive a significant percentage off the advertised ticket price. When you click on the promo code link, it will automatically reduce the ticket price on the checkout screen before you submit your payment. You can expect discounts exceeding 10% off in most cases. Since Terry Fator ticket prices are usually low, the additional cost savings from the promo code is a bonus.