Story of The Beatles LOVE

The Beatles LOVE Story Touches Upon The Fun and Dark History of The ‘60s

The Story of Beatles Love

Cirque du Soleil brings the iconic Beatles back to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Many of you have probably heard of the legendary British rock band “The Beatles.” This ‘60s band included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They introduced several iconic songs which touched upon real-life topics and issues affecting the world throughout the ‘60s decade.

Apple Corps Ltd has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil on The Beatles LOVE Las Vegas Show to bring the famous Beatles songs to the center stage of the LOVE Theater at the Mirage Hotel. There are no impersonators of The Beatles band members, but there are plenty of dancers and characters who perform while Beatles songs play in the background.

The Beatles LOVE story starts by bringing audiences back in time to the aftermath of World War II and then up to the height of the Beatles’ fame in the ‘60s. Several cultural, political, and social world elements are implemented into the storytelling of these time periods. Anyone alive back then will undoubtedly appreciate the historical references.

The Beatles LOVE story line teaches audiences more about the Beatles, including how they faced backlash in the beginning. But they eventually reinvented themselves and conformed to the 60s psychedelic times. You’ll learn about the high and low points of the Beatles’ band members and how they ultimately broke up in 1970.

However, the story of Beatles LOVE reflects on the band and the impact of its songs on the world. The songs didn’t just have entertaining music and beats but also meaningful messages and highlights of world events. Even though all the band members cannot be together anymore, Cirque du Soleil does a beautiful job of keeping their story alive in this 90-minute production.