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The Bronx Wanderers

The Bronx Wanderers brings classic rock n’ roll back to Las Vegas Strip. The show features a family of performers from the Bronx who love to play the air guitar and drums. They recreate famous songs and musical tunes from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. These were songs made famous by legends like the Beach Boys, Dion, and Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons.

The Bronx Wanderers Seating Chart

Bronx Wanderers Seating Chart

Do you have a Bronx Wanderers Bally’s seating chart handy? If so, you will need to replace it with a Westgate Cabaret seating chart because the show is located there now.

This seating chart maps out the seats and sections of the Westgate Cabaret at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel. The total seat capacity of the Westgate Cabaret is 400 seats. Since the capacity is small, it creates a more personalized entertainment experience for audiences.

The three sections are the Terrace, Balcony, and VIP sections. These sections all have different elevations and distances from the stage, which also affect their seat prices. The VIP section is in the front, followed by the Terrace section behind it. Then you have the Balcony in the back of the showroom.

The lowest prices for seats on the Bronx Wanderers seating chart are $54 and up. The $54 seats are the Balcony section way in the back of the showroom. Even though the Balcony is the farthest section from the stage, its seats are about $30 cheaper than the VIP seats.

The Terrace seats are around $76 and are directly behind the VIP section. But if you don’t mind paying $10 more for your tickets, then you can become a VIP guest for $86. The $10 price difference won’t matter to most people, so go for it if a VIP seat is available!

What are The Best Seats for Bronx Wanderers?

The best seats on the Bronx Wanderers seating chart are the VIP section next to the stage in the front. VIP seats create the most intimate experiences for guests because they put you near the performers on stage. There are a limited number of seats available in the VIP section, so you have to act quickly.

The next best place to sit is in the Terrace section. It offers a decent view of the stage while being slightly more affordable than the VIP seats. There are several more seats available in the Terrace section too. Most people choose the Terrace option only when there are no more VIP seats available.

How Many Seats are In The Bronx Wanderers Theater?

The Bronx Wanderers has 350 seats in the Westgate Cabaret in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel.