The Eddie Griffin Seating Chart

The Eddie Griffin Experience Show

Eddie Griffin has been a comedian and actor for over 30 years. He has done almost everything there is to do in the entertainment industry, including movies, CDs, comedy TV specials, and stand-up comedy tours.

Eddie’s claim to fame was playing the pimp in the hit comedy film “Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo.” However, there is nothing like seeing him perform stand-up comedy in person. His jokes are fast, witty, and hilarious all around. That is why you should see the Eddie Griffin Show at the SAHARA Theater of the SAHARA Las Vegas Hotel the next time you’re in Las Vegas.

The Eddie Griffin Seating Chart

Eddie Griffin Seating Chart

The Eddie Griffin Show seating chart shows that the SAHARA Theater has a 1,000-seat capacity. There are three primary sections in the theater: the Floor (P1), Banq (P2), and Tier (P3).

The Floor section is closest to the center stage where Eddie Griffin performs. It is also the biggest section with the most rows of seats. Behind the Floor section is the Banq section, which is higher but farther away from the stage. There are fewer rows and seats in this section as well.

Lastly, the Tier section is behind the Banq section. There are even fewer seats and rows in the Tier section. It will give you the farthest and most elevated view of the center stage, which some people may like if they want to watch the show more discretely. The most affordable seats on the Eddie Griffin seating chart are $75 and up. These cheap $75 seats are in the Tier section (or P3). It is a 50% lower price than the $150 seats in the Floor section. The distance from the stage is what determines the price difference.

Of course, you could also pay $100 and get a seat in the Banq section, which is in the middle of the showroom. It is the perfect hybrid section because it brings you a little closer to the stage than the Tier section and at a 33% lower price than the Floor section.

What are The Best Seats for Eddie Griffin?

The best seats on the Eddie Griffin Las Vegas seating chart are on the Floor section (or P1). The Floor section puts you right in the center of the showroom, with Eddie Griffin performing in front of you. Perhaps you might get lucky enough to have Eddie call you out if he notices you for some reason.

How Many Seats are In The Eddie Griffin Theater?

The Eddie Griffin show has 1,000 seats in the Sahara Theater of the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel.