The Mentalist

The Master Mind Reader of Las Vegas

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge is better known as The Mentalist. His special magic abilities include reading people’s minds and predicting the outcome of different events and situations in their lives. He doesn’t need to know these people either. Audience members get chosen at random to participate if they wish. Gerry will read their minds and tell them what will happen to them, whether regarding a relationship, job, or anything else they want to know.

The Mentalist Las Vegas Review

What is great about The Mentalist is that it is a different show each time. While most magic shows in Las Vegas have a similar outcome each night, The Mentalist offers different interactions and reactions each night. Every person has a unique background and story, as well as a unique future to experience. McCambridge “wows” his audience members every night with new details about their futures as well as good clean comedy and fun.

McCambridge also has another name: “Mentalist to the Stars.” Numerous Hollywood celebrities have sought McCambridge’s mind-reading services over the years. They are mostly used to entertain people at Hollywood parties. Some of the big celebrities who’ve sought his services include Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Courtney Cox, Dennis Miller, Tim Burton, Lisa Kudrow, Carrie Fisher, and David Spade.

An interesting fact about McCambridge is that he was born on October 31st. There are two significant things about this date. It is Halloween Day and the day when Harry Houdini died while performing a magic trick. During his adolescent and teenage years, he became an apprentice under several professional magicians. He performed on stage with them and learned the tricks of the trade.

The Mentalist started as a show performed in comedy clubs during the 1980s. It eventually grew to be in demand at corporate events and celebrity parties. Numerous television shows had McCambridge on as a guest too. In 2004, he finally earned a one-hour network television slot in primetime on NBC. The show turned McCambridge into a global phenomenon that spread his name across Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and South Korea.

Since 2004, McCambridge has performed his solo mind-reading show in New York and Las Vegas. If you’ve seen a lot of magic shows in Las Vegas, then it shouldn’t surprise you to see a solo magician on stage wowing audiences. Besides, he doesn’t need any assistants anyway. All his assistants are the audience members who volunteer to get their minds read by him.

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The Mentalist is performed at the V Theater Upstairs Showroom of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. It is currently available Thursday through Tuesday at 7:30 PM. All guests must be at least 16 years of age or older. Given the personal interactions with the audience, the age restriction is necessary.

FAQs About The Mentalist Show

How Long Is The Mentalist Show In Las Vegas?

The show runs from Thursday to Tuesday and performs at 7:30 PM. The Mentalist show lasts for 75 minutes.

Is the Mentalist worth watching?

Many people consider the Mentalist as the best show they’ve ever seen. Gerry McCambridge is quite a talented mind reader who has the power to get inside the minds of strangers and read their thoughts. If you like interactive shows where audiences get to participate in the act, you will want to see The Mentalist in the V Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.

Is The Mentalist A Good Vegas Show?

The Mentalist is a great show to catch for those who are traveling to Las Vegas! It is full of magic, comedy, and mindreading – what more could you ask for? The Mentalist has been running for 16 years, making it the longest-running and most successful mentalist show in Las Vegas, having performed over 4,125 shows!

The Mentalist Las Vegas how does he do it?

Mentalism is more about mental trickery than magic. A highly skilled mentalist will ask a series of questions to a random volunteer in order to give the illusion of their ability to answer freely. However, the hidden agenda of the mentalist is to narrow down the possible answers that could be provided by the volunteer so that one inevitable choice remains.

Where Does The Mentalist Perform in Las Vegas?

Those trying to catch The Mentalist show can watch the performance at the V Theater in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino every day, except for Wednesday, at 7:30 PM. Be sure to check out more Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For The Mentalist Show?

The easiest way to find the best seats for The Mentalist is by checking out The Mentalist Seating Chart.

How much are The Mentalist tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of The Mentalist Las Vegas tickets is $26 and up. The show takes place in the V2- V Theater Upstairs Showroom in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.

How to Get Discount Tickets for The Mentalist Show?

Of course, the amount that you pay for the show depends on how you buyer your tickets and when you buy your tickets. Take a look at our tips and trick at The Mentalist Las Vegas Tickets to find how to save the most money!