The Mentalist Seating Chart

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The Mentalist

The Mentalist features a skilled magician, hypnotist, comedian, and “mentalist” named Gerry McCambridge. If you like interactive magic shows with humor and mind-reading demonstrations, then you will love The Mentalist. Gerry will pick people from the audience to come on stage to attempt to read their minds. In addition, there are many funny one-liners and surprises to keep audiences entertained for the entire 75-minute show.

The Mentalist Seating Chart

The Mentalist Seating Chart

The Mentalist is at the V2- V Theater Upstairs Showroom of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. It is a relatively small theater with a total seat capacity of only 400 seats. The Mentalist show seating chart shows the two main sections are the General Admission seats and the VIP seats. There is also a small balcony area way in the back on the left side of the theater.

The General Admission has seats on the center and sides of the showroom. The center seats cost slightly more than the side seats because they align with the front of the stage. The side seats offer a side-angle view of the stage, so they are a little bit cheaper. Most of the seats in the theater are in the General Admission section.

The VIP section also has seats on the side and center, but they are much closer to the stage. In fact, the VIP center area features three rows directly in front of the stage. But if you can only find VIP side seats available, they can still give you a close view of the stage. The only difference is that it will be from a side angle.

The cheapest seats on the Mentalist seating chart are $26 and up. You can find the $26 seats in the side rows of the General Admission section. But if you pay $10 more, you can get seats in the center area of the General Admission section for $36. The VIP seats cost $46 for the side seats and $56 for the center seats in the front.

What are The Best Seats for The Mentalist?

The best seats on The Mentalist Las Vegas seating chart are in the VIP section. If you want to sit near the stage and get the best views of Gerry McCambridge, then choose a seat in rows A, B, or C in the VIP center area. It will put you close to the stage and increase your chances of interacting with Gerry and participating in his mind-reading act.

How Many Seats are In The Mentalist Theater?

The Mentalist has approximately 400 seats in the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.