Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind

The Youngest Magician Ever to Perform in Vegas

Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind

Tommy Wind is one of the most talented young Las Vegas magicians working today. His magic acts include a mixture of stunning illusions and rock & roll music. At only 31 years old, Tommy has performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New York City. He currently performs his magic show Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind in the Pegasus Showroom at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.

Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind Review

Las Vegas magicians like Tommy Wind have very similar backgrounds. Someone in their family taught them a magic trick, and it got them hooked on magic ever since. When Tommy was a 7-year-old child, his grandfather taught him how to make a handkerchief disappear.

Ever since then, Tommy has been interested in magic tricks and performing them for other people. His interest in magic eventually led him to star in several different magic shows of his own. He also made notable appearances on television shows like NBC’s I Do! and Criss Angel’s Mindfreak.

Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind combines Tommy’s two favorite things in the world: music and magic. He uses his illusionary skills to levitate guitars, perform sleight-of-hand card tricks and make women disappear. There is a wonderful dueling drum sequence and a round of gorgeous dancers and comedy bits too. Audiences are entertained in more than one way.

Tommy was the recipient of the 2009 World Magic Award for Best Teen Magician. His magic show also won the 2016 Merlin Award in the category of “Best Family-Friendly Magic Show in the World.” He currently holds the unofficial title of the youngest magician to ever perform in Las Vegas.

If you like a high-energy magic show environment with impressive illusions, wonderful music and funny comedy, then you will want to experience the excitement of Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind. Tommy even asks audience members to participate in the show if they would like to do so.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians has recognized Tommy for his magic and illusionary work. This is a high honor for any young magician to receive because only the most talented magicians get acknowledged by them. Do not miss Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind the next time you’re in Las Vegas. There is no adult-oriented content, so children are welcome to gain admittance.

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There are no age restrictions for gaining entry to Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind. It is a family-friendly show suitable for all ages. Many families come to this show with their small children. Couples and single people like to go to this show as well. It is 60 minutes long and starts at 5:30 PM on Friday and Saturday in the Pegasus Showroom at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.

FAQs About Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind Show

How long is Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind?

The Amazing Magic with Tommy Wind show is approximately 60 minutes long. The showtime is 5:30 PM, so it runs into the evening time.

Where does Tommy Wind perform in Las Vegas?

The Tommy Wind Show performs at the Pegasus Showroom at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort in Las Vegas. However, as of now, there are no current Alexis Park Las Vegas shows for Tommy Wind. Check back at a later date to see if this has changed.  

Is Tommy Wind Theater now closed?

Yes, the Tommy Wind Theater on Las Vegas Boulevard is now closed.