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Review The Totally Mental Seating Chart of The Notoriety in Neonopolis

Totally Mental

Totally Mental brings you the magic and humor of the talented Vinny Grosso. He is best known for surprising the reality TV show “America’s Got Talent” judges with his exceptional comedic magic abilities. His talent has allowed him to perform in countries across the globe, including for American military troops overseas. Now you can see his “Totally Mental” show in the Notoriety showroom of the Neonopolis shopping mall on Fremont Street.

Totally Mental Seating Chart

Totally Mental Seating Chart

The Totally Mental Las Vegas seating chart features two main sections: the General Admission Section and the VIP Section. These two sections are found on the right and left sides, split by two sets of stairs in the center of the theater. The J row is the only row with consecutive seats stretching all the way from the left to the right sides.

All the seats in the theater are arranged in a series of rows marked horizontally and vertically. The horizontal rows are lettered A through J, with A being in the front and J being all the way in the back. Numbers are used for labeling the vertical rows, which intersect the horizontal rows like a grid. The vertical rows are marked 1 through 24 for the back row, 1 through 9 on the front right side, and 10 through 17 on the front left side.

The General Admission Section puts you in any seat between rows J through E. You may get lucky and find a seat closer to the center of the theater in Row E. But if you want to sit near the stage, you should look for seats in rows A through D in the VIP section. These are the four rows closest to the center stage.

The cheapest seats on the Totally Mental seating chart are $20 and up. You can find the $20 seats in the General Admission section. But if you’d rather purchase a seat in the VIP Section and receive one free drink, you can pay $58 for that ticket.

What are The Best Seats for Totally Mental?

The best seats on the Totally Mental Las Vegas seating chart are found in rows A through D in the VIP Section. Ideally, you would want to sit in Row A because it is the closest row to the center stage. So if you see any seats available in Row A, you should prioritize them over the other seats in the VIP Section.

In addition, the VIP Section entitles guests to one free drink with their ticket purchase. They can choose between a beer or soda for their complimentary drink.

How Many Seats are In The Totally Mental Theater?

Totally Mental is in the Notoriety Theater of the Neonopolis shopping mall. It has two cabaret-style showrooms with up to 500 seats and six Theater-style showrooms with up to 250 seats.