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Totally Mental Tickets For Seats at The Notoriety Showroom

Totally Mental

Totally Mental Las Vegas tickets are available for seating at the Notoriety of the Neonopolis shopping mall on the historic Fremont Street in Las Vegas. It is a fun-filled show starring the hilarious comedy magician Vinny Grosso. You might have seen him on the reality television series “America’s Got Talent,” where he impressed the judges immensely. Now you can see him at the Notoriety showroom in the Neonopolis shopping mall in Las Vegas.

Totally Mental Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Totally Mental Vegas tickets is 5:00 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. No performances are scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, although that is subject to change at any time. The minimum age requirement is five years or older to attend the show. Vinny Grosso performs family-friendly comedy magic, making it suitable for kids and adults. You and your family will have a wonderful time no matter when you attend the show.

There is currently a high demand for Totally Mental tickets on the Thursdays through Sundays it performs each week. You should reserve your tickets at least one month in advance to guarantee the best seating at a price you can afford. Since it is a family-friendly show, many more tourists purchase these tickets compared to the adult-comedy shows in Las Vegas.

Totally Mental Ticket Prices

The Totally Mental show in Las Vegas is in the Renkus-Heinz Theater of Notoriety at Neonopolis. The total seat capacity for the show is about 250 seats, so it is a rather intimate theater with few available seats per show. That is one more reason you need to reserve your Totally Mental show tickets in advance to ensure you get the date and time you want for your attendance.

There are two primary seating sections in Notoriety at Neonopolis: General Admission and VIP. Both sections have rows of seats on the left and right sides of the theater. Two sets of stairs run down the middle of the theater, splitting the left and right sides. The J row is the last row in the back of the theater and the only row to feature consecutive seating running from the left to the right sides.

The theater labels the rows horizontally and vertically. For instance, rows A through J are horizontal rows starting with Row A in the front and ending with Row J in the back. The vertical rows are labeled using numbers and intersect with the horizontal rows, forming a grid-like seating chart. For example, the vertical row numbers of the front right side are 1 through 9, and the vertical row numbers of the front left side are 10 through 17. The back row is 1 through 24.

Let’s explore the two primary seating sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission section features seats in rows E through J. These are the furthest rows from the center stage of the theater. Row J is the last row in the back of the theater, while Row E is closer to the front of the General Admission section. So if you can find a seat in Row E, you’ll have a slightly closer view of the center stage than people in Row J. The minimum price of Totally Mental show tickets for seats in the General Admission section is $20 and up.


The VIP section features seating in rows A through D of the theater. These are the four rows closest to the center stage, with Row A being the front row. However, you can also find seats with tables directly in front of the center stage, even closer than the Row A seats. So, if you are fortunate enough to find VIP tickets for a table seat, it would be the most preferred option for the closest view of Vinny Grosso while he is on stage.

The minimum price of Totally Mental VIP tickets for seats in the VIP section is $58 and up. Each VIP guest is entitled to one complimentary beverage of their choice: one soda, well-drink, or beer. Since the VIP seats are next to the tables, you can conveniently put your drink on the table.

The Las Vegas shows tickets for Totally Mental sell out quickly, especially if you’re trying to reserve a seat in the VIP section. The good news is that the intimate size of the theater will still put you relatively close to the center stage regardless of where you sit. So you will have good enough views to enjoy the show even from the rear of the General Admission section. Make sure you reserve your tickets in advance because of the limited number of seats available in the theater.


The Totally Mental show tickets have a wide minimum price range of between $20 and $58. If you’re on a tight budget and want a lower price for your VIP seating, you should look for Totally Mental discount tickets on Vegas Lens.

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