Tournament of Kings

Head Back to The Middle Ages for Some Old School Entertainment

Tournament of Kings

If you like your entertainment to come with a particular theme, then you are sure to enjoy the Tournament of Kings. This show has become one of the most popular around for its gratifying, nature. The show has developed into a Middle Ages extravaganza; a show that has become one of the most famous in the Las Vegas circuit. Indeed, if you are looking for dinner shows in Vegas to enjoy, this feels like a pretty good place to start off the fun.

Few shows that you can come across in the Las Vegas circuit are going to have quite the same natural energy and focus as ToK. It’s got a very specific theme, and the whole show will have you watching from the edge of your seat as everything from jousting to a feast are put on in front of you.

Tournament of Kings Las Vegas Review

Whether you are looking for the best Vegas shows for kids, or you want something with a Middle Ages theme, this is perfect. The whole event is built on an energy and a charisma that is almost impossible to match. The show feels weighted and balanced properly, with everything that happens feeling like a natural next step in the order of the show.

Whether you want to enjoy seeing the horse race or the sword fighting and jousting, this show has entertainment waiting for you in spades. The whole experience is build around making sure you can watch as classic Middle Ages knights go toe-to-toe with one another using old school weaponry. On top of that, everything from jousting sessions to a feast fit for the King and Queen themselves will be put together. It truly is a satisfying, gratifying evening that you can enjoy.

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As one of the ideal dinner shows in Vegas for something a little different, the Tournament of Kings ensures you are well-fed. As this happens, a bountiful feast happens down below, and a toast is made to celebrate the feast. You’ll get to enjoy a whole range of songs, dances, combat, and competition – it really is a tremendous evening. If you want to treat yourself to an evening that feels made for a King, start here!

Come along and see for yourself why an evening with royalty is such an easy way to enjoy yourself. Book up to be part of the crowd at the Tournament of Kings, and you can enjoy a spectacular evening’s entertainment unlike anything else you’ll come across in Las Vegas!

FAQs About Tournament Of Kings Show

How Long Is The Tournament Of Kings Show At Excalibur?

The Tournament Of Kings Show plays at Excalibur every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at both 6 PM and 8:30 PM, as well as Sunday, Monday, and Friday at 6 PM. Each show runs for 90 minutes.

Is the Tournament of Kings for kids?

The Tournament of Kings is suitable for children of all ages. There is no minimum age requirement to see the show in the King Arthur’s Arena at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. The medieval-style action in the arena is not bloody or gory but kept at a family-friendly level.

What does the Tournament of Kings dinner include?

The Tournament of Kings menu contains food choices that make you feel like you’re having dinner with royalty in medieval times. The stylish dinner cuisine includes lemon pepper roasted potatoes, slow-roasted Cornish hen, an apple square, corn on the cob, a fresh dinner roll, and several other vegan and vegetarian-friendly food choices.

Where do they keep the horses for the Tournament of Kings?

The horses are kept at the stables of the Excalibur Hotel.

Where Is Tournament Of Kings Playing?

The Tournament Of Kings Show plays at King Arthur’s Arena at Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. be sure to check out more Excalibur Hotel shows.

What Are The Best Seats For Tournament Of Kings Show?

The finest seats for every show are determined by where you want to watch the show and how much you want to spend on tickets. Check out Tournament of Kings seating chart for more information on seating possibilities.

How early should I arrive for the Tournament of the Kings?

Yes, try to arrive about 30 to 60 minutes before the show begins. The current showtimes are 6 PM on Wednesday through Monday and 8:30 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Is there a dress code for the Tournament of Kings show?

There is no formal Tournament of Kings dress code to enter King Arthur’s Arena of the Excalibur Hotel. You can dress like royalty if you wish, but feel free to dress in any casual clothing you want.

How much are Tournament of Kings tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Tournament of Kings Las Vegas tickets is $77 and up. All ticket packages come with a complimentary dinner.

How to Get Discount Tickets for Tournament Of Kings Show?

Ticket prices can drastically change depending on where you buy your tickets from and when you choose to make a reservation. Take a look at our Tournament of Kings discount tickets guide for all of the best tips.