High Octane Energy Filled with Las Vegas Style Entertainment


If you are someone who happens to enjoy an evening’s entertainment in true old-school Las Vegas style, then start here. Hugely beloved by locals and tourists, VEGAS! The Show offers something very gratifying indeed. Held at the Saxe Theater, this has become one of the best places to visit for 75-minutes of glamor, glory, and charm.

The whole event is littered with old fashioned, classic Vegas stylings – black dresses, red lipsticks, and vintage show tunes. The whole thing comes to life as you get to see a vintage Vegas showgirl in a way that simply does not exist to the same style as before. From feather-clad darlings on-stage to a hilarious ensemble of music, majesty, and choreographed dancing, this is the kind of show that anyone can come to Vegas and enjoy.

Come Along and See a Vintage Las Vegas Evenings Entertainment

Rated as among the finest dinner shows in Las Vegas, this is an event that brings together everything that makes Las Vegas so fun. It’s the kind of show that is easy to fall in love with because you are quickly reminded of what makes Las Vegas such a spellbinding place to be. It’s littered with energy, charisma, and style. The show is loaded with hilarious moments that will remind you of classic Las Vegas imagery, bringing back the old costumes and charisma of old-school Vegas.

The show is filled with girls who resemble the famous Rat Pack era, leaving you with a little trip back into memory lane. It’s a throwback to an era where everything was classy, stylish, and sophisticated. The whole event feels very much satisfying to be part of and is something we highly recommend anyone with a love for the best Las Vegas shows to try out.

So, why not see for yourself what makes the old-school shows of Vegas so popular?

Vegas Lens offers the easiest opportunity for you to get all of the help that you need to find high quality entertainment like never before. Book up for your tickets for VEGAS! The Show with us and get the best deals and arrangements.

Enjoy an Evening of Vintage Las Vegas Entertainment

If you like to have fun in life, then shows like this make a fine place to begin. Dinner shows should always be grandiose and fun, and this show makes sure you are never disappointed on that front. From the fact that this show captures the old heart of Vegas to the addition of some nice modern features to change things up, everything feels new, fresh, and endearing with VEGAS! The Show.

It’s something that you should really enjoy taking part in, with the swanky costumes and creative choreography taking the breath away.

So, why not see for yourself what an old-school Vegas show would have been like? Let the magic flow courtesy of this spectacular event. Book up for VEGAS! The Show today and see what previous Vegas generations got to enjoy by way of entertainment!

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