George Wallace at Westgate

Vintage Comedy Built From Years of Consistent Success

Wallace at Westgate

When you want to let loose and have some fun on a midweek evening, an hour with actor and comedy legend George Wallace is an absolute must. Head on down to the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino and you can see George at his Westgate Cabaret haunt. The show, suitable for anyone aged 5 and above, is full of laugh out loud moments, hilarious insights, and a little moment to see inside the mind of one of the funniest men in America.

George Wallace at Westgate Review

This kind of event is something that is full of hilarious facts about everything from your hometown to the company you work for. George is a mastermind when it comes to finding something out that you might not already know. He can take even the most generic topic and spin it into something that is sure to leave you feeling your sides. He’s also the kind of person who seems to keep a tome of comedy knowledge stored away, tapping into his tome of laughter at just the right moment in any show to keep the fun coming.

People like Wallace tend to have a knack for making what might be an otherwise generic story absolutely explode into life. He’s someone with a long history in the game, too, having been involved from as far back as 1977. George also knows how to keep things fresh, with his shows today still having a wonderful insight and a modern feel that ensures a man who has been in showbiz for the best part of 50 years can still feel like an act that has only just emerged.

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While comedians who have been around for more than a decade can begin to feel tired, that is absolutely not the case with Wallace. This is a man who knows how to keep things fresh, to add new perspective to old pieces, and to keep things coming along with a sense of acerbic humor that will leave you reaching for the hankies as your eyes fill with laughter.

You will get to enjoy a tremendous experience from an analytical, thoughtful comedian who knows how to make all of his points stick and all of his jokes land. Book in, then, for one of the best shows in Vegas, and remind yourself with this place is the home of laughter and comedy.

Why not come along, then, and see for yourself why so many people in Las Vegas will choose to see a Wallace at Westgate show? There is a reason this genius of the comedy scene has been involved since the late 1970s – come along and find out for yourself why!

FAQs About George Wallace Show

How long has George Wallace been in Vegas?

George Wallace had been a headliner in Las Vegas for about ten years before he was injured in 2007. He has since come back to Las Vegas to perform his show “Wallace at Westgate” at the Westgate Hotel.

Where does George Wallace perform in Las Vegas?

George Wallace normally performs in the Westgate Cabaret of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel. be sure to check out more Westgate Las Vegas shows.

When is George Wallace performing in Las Vegas?

George Wallace’s Las Vegas show “Wallace at Westgate” is temporarily closed. His usual showtime was 8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Westgate Hotel.

How much are George Wallace tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of George Wallace Las Vegas tickets was $76.