Wow Show Seating Chart

Learn How to Navigate The Wow Show Seating Chart

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

Wow The Vegas Spectacular will have you going “wow” during the entire 90-minute show. It is an all-inclusive production featuring 3D multimedia projections, death-defying acrobatics, water stunts, mesmerizing theatrical lighting, music, and so much more. When you watch the show, you’ll feel the excitement and thrills of the real Las Vegas. You can watch the show in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel.

Wow Show Seating Chart

Wow Show Seating Chart

The Wow Show seating chart for the Rio Showroom features four main categories: Reserved, Preferred, Premium, and VIP.

The VIP category offers seats at tables and booths. The VIP tables surround the main stage, allowing you to see the performers closely and personally. The VIP booths near the back of the showroom face the front of the stage. They are elevated and give you a better view of the overall action happening on stage.

The Premium category is positioned behind the VIP tables. It has many more seats available surrounding the stage but at a slightly farther distance. You can choose between the Premium Front Right, Premium Front Left, Premium Side Right, and Premium Sight Left sections.

The Preferred category is behind the Premium category. It consists of the Preferred Side Left and Preferred Side Right sections way in the rear sides of the theater. If you end up sitting in one of these sections, you will get a total side-angle view of the performers on stage.

The Reserved category is next to the Preferred category. It is a smaller category with fewer seats in the Reserved Side Left and Reserved Side Right sections. They are in the corners of the left and right sides, which are the farthest side seats from the stage.

The cheapest seats on the Wow Show seating chart are $53 and up. The $53 seats are in the Reserved category of the showroom. They are the furthest seats away from the stage and on the sides of the showroom. But if you pay $20 more, you could get seats in the Preferred section for $73 or the Premium section for $100. A VIP table or booth will cost you around $111.

What are The Best Seats for Wow Show?

The best seats on the Wow Las Vegas seating chart are at the tables of the VIP category. You’ll sit so close to the performers that it’ll feel like you can reach out and touch them. If you can manage to get your entire party at the same table, then you can all enjoy the experience together.

How Many Seats are In The Wow The Vegas Spectacular Theater?

WOW The Vegas Spectacular has 600 seats in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel.