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Wow Las Vegas Show Tickets For Seats In The Rio Hotel

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

Wow Show Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. The Rio Showroom is a large circular room with a 600-seat capacity. You will fall in love with the shape and architectural design of the Rio Showroom. It gives every audience member a different perspective and viewpoint of the action in the stage environment, such as the death-defying acrobatics, theatrical alighting, and 3D multimedia projections. Therefore, you will enjoy yourself no matter where you sit.

Wow Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtimes for Wow Las Vegas tickets are 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on various days of the week. Right now, Friday is the only day of the week with no performances scheduled for Wow. But you will find multiple showtimes available every other night of the week.

Of course, you still need to plan ahead before purchasing your Wow tickets. Despite all the showtimes, Wow show tickets continue to sell out quickly. So the wisest thing to do would be to purchase your tickets at least a month or more in advance before arriving in Las Vegas. Then you can have peace of mind knowing your preferred seat or ticket price before it is sold out.

Wow Ticket Prices

The Wow show in Las Vegas features four seating categories at the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel: Reserved, Preferred, Premium, and VIP. The prices range from $49 to $89, depending on the seat category and row. The Rio Showroom is a little bigger than a small intimate showroom, but you can still get amazing views of the center stage from almost any location in it.

The two primary considerations when searching for Wow Las Vegas show tickets are the seating position and price. Affordability may be the most important thing to some people, while the seating position in the showroom is more important to others. Some of the seating categories will give you a healthy balance of affordability and nearness to the center stage.

Let’s explore the four main categories in more detail below:


The Reserved category is the smallest seating category in the Rio Showroom, with a small number of seats on the Reserved Side Right and Reserved Side Left sections. They are the farthest seats from the center stage because you’ll be positioned in the rear corners of the showroom. Since the minimum price of Wow Vegas tickets in the Reserved seating category is $49, you may choose a Reserved seat to save money on your ticket purchase.


The Preferred category is positioned right behind the Premium category and next to the Reserved category. Preferred seating is on the Preferred Side Right and Preferred Side Left sections, but they are away from the corners where the Reserved seating is located. You’ll still have a side-angle view of the center stage from the rear of the showroom. The minimum price of Wow show tickets in the Preferred seating category is $59, only $10 more than the Reserved seating price.


The Premium category is behind the VIP category. It puts you in between the sides and middle of the showroom. Therefore, you won’t be sitting entirely to the sides, nor will you be directly aligned with the center stage. Premium seating gives you that healthy balance between affordability and quality seating. In addition, you’ll have less of a side-angle view and more of a centered view. The four sections represented in the Premium category are Premium Front Right, Premium Front Left, Premium Side Left, and Premium Side Right. The minimum price of Wow tickets in the Premium seating category is $70 and up.


The VIP category is the most desired seating category in the Rio Showroom for several reasons. The first reason is that you can sit at tables or booths, making the viewing experience much more comfortable. The second reason is that all the VIP seats face and align with the center stage. Some of the VIP seats are in the rear, but the difference is that you aren’t watching the stage from a side-angle viewpoint. Instead, all the VIP seats offer a centered view of the stage. The minimum price of Wow Las Vegas VIP tickets in the VIP seating category is $89 and up. The higher-priced VIP seats will bring you closer to the center stage.

Are you looking for discounts on tickets for Las Vegas shows like the Wow show? If you continue to check Vegas Lens, you will find new and exciting discount opportunities on tickets for Wow and several other shows. However, you should still plan to purchase your tickets at the right time because the hotels and production companies may lower the prices without notice. You can expect the most significant price differences when it is close to showtime and a few months before showtime.


Wow Las Vegas discount tickets are some of the most popular discounted tickets of any show in Las Vegas. The reason is the entertainment variety of the Wow show, and the 90 minutes of pure joy it brings to audiences. Tourists from around the world are eager to find great deals on Wow show tickets, especially for seats in the VIP section. Since the seat price range is $49 to $89 in the Rio Showroom, a good discount is always appreciated. 

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