Xavier Mortimer Seating Chart

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Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer is a unique Las Vegas magician because he was previously a member of the famous Cirque du Soleil performance group. Now, Xavier has his own magic show with some of the most incredible illusions and tricks you’ve ever seen. He even does an excellent job of integrating comedy with his magic as well. You can see Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker at the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a 70-minute show you will not want to miss.

Xavier Mortimer Seating Chart

Xavier Mortimer Seating Chart

There are three primary sections on the Xavier Mortimer Las Vegas seating chart. These sections are Rear, Preferred, and VIP.

The Rear section features the seats all the way in the back of the STRAT Theater. These are the cheapest seats, but they’re the farthest away from the main stage. So if you don’t mind the far distance to the stage, then the seats in the Rear Section would be the most economical choice.

The Preferred section is in front of the rear section and behind the VIP section. It features rows of seats in the middle of the theater. If you want a healthy blend of affordability and closeness to the stage, you should choose a seat in the Preferred section.

The VIP section features the seats closest to the center stage. It consists of VIP booths and VIP tables, which both offer fantastic views of Xavier. However, the VIP tables are directly in front of the stage and have the closest views of the stage. The VIP booths are behind the tables and in front of the Preferred section, but they are more personal and have no obstructions of the view.

What are The Best Seats for Xavier Mortimer?

The best seats on the Xavier Mortimer seating chart are at the booths and tables of the VIP section. The VIP tables are positioned directly in front of the stage where Xavier performs his magic. So you’ll get amazing views of his illusions and trickery without actually knowing how he did them. But if you want a more private experience, choose the VIP booth instead. There are only 6 of them available in the theater.

Xavier Mortimer Discount Tickets

The lowed-priced seats on the Xavier Mortimer show seating chart are $32 and up. These $32 seats are in the Rear section way in the back of the theater. If you want to sit closer at a reasonable price, you can pay $40 for a seat in the Preferred section. Although, you could spend an additional $8 and pay $48 for a VIP table. Either that or you could go all out and spend $79 on a VIP booth. It all depends on your budget.

How to Get Discount Tickets for Xavier Mortimer?

Exclusive and updated links to purchase Xavier Mortimer discount tickets are on Vegas Lens. You can find plenty of deals on some of the best seating in the theater. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for right now, keep checking back to see if links to any new discounts are available. Sometimes you can find significant discounts on front row seats, especially if others have canceled their reservations.