Xavier Mortimer Tickets

Xavier Mortimer Tickets For Seats In The STRAT Theater

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream tickets are available for seating in the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. It is the perfect setting to watch this funny and enchanting magic show because it brings you into a dream world where anything is possible. There are approximately 640 seats in the STRAT Theater, creating a slightly larger intimate environment for audience members. 

Xavier Mortimer Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current show time for Xavier Mortimer Las Vegas tickets is 6:00 PM on select dates. The schedule changes by the week, but the showtime of 6:00 PM seems to remain the same. So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas on a specific date, you should reserve your tickets a few months in advance to ensure seating is available. The minimum age requirement is five years or older, which means you could bring your family to this event too.

The Xavier Mortimer tickets sell quickly. In addition, you may only see about three or four performance dates per week. That is one more reason why planning is essential for securing the best seating possible. The demand for Xavier Mortimer Vegas tickets never stops because Xavier is one of Sin City’s most famous magicians and family entertainers. He will bring you 70 minutes of quality entertainment at affordable prices.

Xavier Mortimer Ticket Prices

The Xavier Mortimer show in Las Vegas has four primary seating sections in the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel: the Rear Section, Preferred Section, VIP Table Section, and VIP Booth Section. The Rear Section offers the cheapest ticket prices for seats farthest from the center stage. Bargain hunters with no seating preferences will be happy with Rear seating in the STRAT Theater.

However, if you are someone who has seating preferences, you may feel compelled to pay a little more for Preferred seating or VIP seating. The STRAT Theater gives you two VIP seating choices, the VIP Table or VIP Booth. The former lets you sit at a table directly in front of the stage, while the latter lets you sit in a private booth behind the tables. Both VIP options offer luxurious accommodations.

Let’s explore the four seating sections below:


Are you looking for affordability when purchasing your Xavier Mortimer show Las Vegas tickets? If so, you should buy tickets for seats in the Rear section of the STRAT Theater because they offer the cheapest ticket prices. Of course, being in the Rear section, you will be seated in the far rear of the theater. The Rear seats are the most distant seats from the center stage, but that is expected when getting a bargain on tickets to the Xavier Mortimer magic show. The minimum price of Xavier Mortimer tickets in the Rear category is $28 and up.


The Preferred section is in front of the Rear section and behind the VIP Table and VIP Booth sections. If you sit in the Preferred section, you will be in the middle of the STRAT Theater. This section is not too far from the center stage, so it can be an enjoyable show at a lower price because the Preferred seating tickets give you a balance in price and seat quality. Since the minimum cost of Xavier Mortimer Las Vegas show tickets in the Preferred section is $38, many people are willing to spend an extra $10 to get a seat here.

VIP Table

The VIP Table section is the closest section to the center stage. It will give you seats at tables to enhance the comfort of the entire experience too. In fact, the VIP Table section is closer to the stage than the more expensive VIP Booth section. So if you care more about being close to the performers on stage than having a booth to yourself, you’ll want to reserve seats at the VIP Table section. The minimum price of Xavier Mortimer show tickets in the VIP Table section is $43.

VIP Booth

The VIP Booth section is behind the VIP Table section and in front of the Preferred section. So if you want a private booth to watch the Xavier Mortimer magic show, you can get one in the VIP Booth section. However, a limited number of VIP booths are available, so you must reserve one early before they are sold out. You won’t be as close to the center stage as the VIP Table section, but you’ll have a clear view of the stage while sitting in luxury. The minimum price of Xavier Mortimer VIP tickets in the VIP Booth section is $49.

Are you looking for the best deals on tickets for shows in Las Vegas, like Xavier Mortimer’s magic show at the STRAT Hotel? Right now, you can already find plenty of discounts available. The price range for tickets to Xavier Mortimer is $28 to $49, which is already cheap enough for most tourists. But if unexpected cancellations or extra seats are available close to showtime, you may find an even better price on tickets to the show.


The Xavier Mortimer Las Vegas discount tickets may seem affordable without adding a further discount onto them. In fact, most people will find the VIP ticket prices to be budget-friendly because they are all under $50. Yes, you could actually get a VIP booth of your own in the STRAT Theater for under $50. Few other Las Vegas shows and theaters offer such generous prices for high-quality seating. 

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