Las Vegas Wedding Chapels and Venues | The Ultimate Guide

The wedding day usually happens once in a lifetime, which makes the whole idea of planning for this day so stressful and terrifying. Everyone dreams a lot of this day and wanna make it the most beautiful day ever.

The couple have to make a plan for everything including the hotel, restaurant, music, photographers, timings, food, etc. However, things can be much easier in Las Vegas as this city is always ready for stress and surprises.

After talking about the Top 12 Romantic Things to do in Las Vegas, we know that Las Vegas has almost everything. Therefore, you can find a variety of Las Vegas wedding chapels which offer certain packages with a lot of features as well as a wedding coordinator to help prepare your wedding, while you can check some of the 27 Best Museums in Las Vegas to avoid the stress.

Such Vegas wedding chapels have experts who will carry all the stress and worries and prepare the best wedding day while you enjoy being comfortable and just getting ready for your new life.

Las Vegas is the city of love, life, gambling, joy, sins, etc. and it is widely known for being permissive with it locals as well as its tourists more than most countries.

However, whatever you have prepared, you must know that there will be few restrictions on your plans. To make this clearer, we prepared a few tips to help every couple thinking of getting married in Las Vegas.

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Check These 11 Las Vegas Wedding Tips and Pay Attention to Number 6

Las Vegas Wedding Tips

1- Stay Away From Occasions and Holidays, and Book Early

In general, Las Vegas is a tourist destination which attracts visitors from everywhere especially on holidays and special occasions as they will be crowded and full of visitors.

However, if you insist on choosing a special day for your weddings like a valentine’s day or New Year’s Eve, remember that such dates book up fast, so you have to book it early, very early.

Or you will have to wait for a long time to get a place and you won’t probably get one. Additionally, your guests need hotel rooms, restaurant and clubs reservation, etc.

There will be a lot of things to do, so make sure to start early.

2- Think of Booking any Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Why not? It would be much easier to book a Las Vegas hotel chapel if you expect to have a lot of for your wedding. Since these locations have wedding coordinators and special packages that include caterer, flowers, music, photography, etc., you don’t have to waste time looking for different vendors.

3- You Can Customize Your Wedding

Everyone thinks of having the best wedding ever which no one had before. Ok, it may be difficult, but not in Vegas. Actually, if you have at least a general idea or a plan, then the best place to find someone who can fulfill your dreams is here in Las Vegas.

just contact a Las Vegas wedding chapel or wedding planner and tell them your plan with all crazy ideas in your mind.

4- Fill Your Application in Advance

As every other town, you have to fill a marriage application before getting married. The good news is that you can fill out their marriage application in advance and bring the completed application with you. Thus, you’ll save some time.

For more info, you can find everything about these applications and marriage license instructions online. Remember that it must be submitted in person.

5- Notice the Legalities in Your Home Country

Getting married in Las Vegas is recognized by most countries; however, some of the may need some extra information. To avoid any problem regarding your paperwork right after your honeymoon, ask for all the legalities in your home country.

In countries like England, if a British citizen wanna get married in Vegas, he must attend the Nevada Secretary of State and deposit a certified copy of his/her marriage certificate and an Apostille.

6- Book Your Wedding During The Off-Season

Las Vegas is often known as an expensive destination for vacations, thus a very expensive destination for those who wanna get married. However, things can be cheaper if you book your wedding during the off-season.

I am serious, it is just as easy as calling some local vendors, casinos and hotels then make a list of what time of the year their rates are the lowest then plan your wedding.

7- Just Rent a Dress

In the city of hassle and fun, it is normal to suddenly decide to get married; therefore, you will easily find some a place to rent a wedding dress. You don’t have to be so sticky when choosing your dress, just opt something elegant and sexy.

8- English is Not The Only Choice

Las Vegas is an international city, so it is easy to find a Las Vegas wedding chapels which talks your language whether it is Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese or any other.

9- You Can Find Here Everything

What you need more for your wedding? some jewelry? Ok, it is easy as there are numerous jewelry stores around the city as well as in hotels to provide incredible pricing options for all wedding jewelry, especially the ring.

10- Get a Buffet

If you invited a lot of guests to your wedding, you may need a hotel buffet to feed your guests. It is much easier than choosing a menu.

11- You Can Book a Hotel Suite

If you have a limited number of guests, you can try to book a hotel suite instead of a reception hall. This will let you save a lot of money as well as get the added bonus of having the room all night.

Surely, your guests would like to sleep, dance or celebrate all night.

Wedding Legal Requirements in Las Vegas: Planning Vegas Weddings

Wedding Legal Requirements in Las Vegas

Getting married in Vegas is much easier than any other place as you don’t need to blood tests, waiting period or hassle. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no requirements at all.

Here we will tell you some important requirements to be taken into consideration when planning to legally get married in Las Vegas.

1- Apply Yourself

To get married in Las Vegas, you have to apply yourself and score a marriage license at a Marriage License Bureau location.

To complete the application, you must have two unrelated people who are at least 18 years old to be with you for your proposed union.

Remember to get your valid driver’s license, passport, military ID card or another government-issued ID card to have a proof of your name and age.

Any other combinations of ID may be accepted if they have your photo along with an original/certified birth certificate or social security card.

To make things easier and faster, apply for an online marriage pre-application process and get a reference a number to bring to the Marriage License Bureau along with your ID.

It is important to know that your reference number won’t remain active for more than 60 days.

2- Age of Consent

Usually, we get married when we are more than 18 years, but you may find some exceptions in Vegas.

If your age is 16 and 17, your parent or legal guardian must be available in person and give consent at the time of application.

You also need to have certain documents like an original/certified copy of your birth certificate, a court order showing proof of legal guardianship; and an English notarized affidavit of consent.

All the people giving consent must have a proof of identity.

If your age is less than 16, you need to have either parent or legal guardian with you to file an action as well as pay all court fees. He also needs to present a court order from a Nevada State Court.

3- The Cost of Marital Bliss

When talking about the costs of marriage, you may think of your independence, our little black book, your sanity, etc.

Here, we will summarize the costs and tell you that sir is gonna only cost you $77 to get a marriage license.

Use any available way to pay the coats like cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card If you use your credit card, you have to pay $79.79: 2% plus $1.25 service charge.

4- This Is Not A Test

Here is a good news, you don’t need to make any blood tests or wait a certain period.

5- International Marriage Information

Whether you are from the United States or not, you can still be married in Las Vegas without complications. You may just need some extra things, a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the County Clerk’s Office (it costs $15) and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State (it costs $20).

Additionally, to make it easier for you, the Nevada Secretary of State can send the Apostille directly to your government for you.

These are the details to contact the Clark County Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas:

Location: 201 E. Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone Number: (702) 671-0600

Fax: (702) 385-8911

Office Hours: Open from 8 Am to midnight daily (365 days a year, including holidays).

Choose The Suitable Weather for Weddings in Vegas

The Suitable Weather for Weddings in Vegas

When you are planning your wedding, you have check all the details related to the weather before taking any decision. In general, determining the ideal Las Vegas wedding weather depends on your plan.

If you wanna have an outdoor wedding, then you have to take in consideration that summer is too hot unless you wanna celebrate at night, so maybe it is better to get married at spring.

Moreover, if you are dreaming of the ideal outdoor ceremony where you can enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze, it is better to make your wedding in late September through mid-October.

However, stay away from the rainy season which takes place in late August through mid-September.

The only way to celebrate your wedding in Las Vegas at winter is by choosing an indoor place and don’t worry as winter weddings in Vegas are a lot toastier indoors.

Check This Table to Know More About Weather in Vegas

Month High Low Precipitation (inches)
January 58° F 39° F 0.48
February 61° F 41° F 0.48
March 71° F 49° F 0.42
April 77° F 55° F 0.21
May 91° F 66° F 0.28
June 100° F 74° F 0.12
July 105° F to 81° F 0.35
August 102° F 78° F 0.49
September 95° F 71° F 0.28
October 82° F 59° F 0.21
November 66° F 46° F 0.43
December 57° F 39° F 0.38

Las Vegas Wedding Venues and Wedding Chapels

Las Vegas Wedding Venues and Wedding Chapels

Choosing Las Vegas as the city for your wedding is easy as it has almost everything you would think of. But the second step is to choose which one of the best places to get married in Las Vegas suits your requirements and visions.

Las Vegas has fancy hotels offering amazing Las Vegas wedding packages which meet your needs and specialized by certain features. Additionally, there are some magnificent ideas for romantic people and crazy ones as well.

1- Las Vegas Hotel Chapels: Check These Amazing Las Vegas Chapels

Las Vegas Hotel Chapels

Las Vegas is the city of luxurious and not at the same time. So you can find luxurious weddings and cheap vegas weddings as well.

Vegas weddings are usually planned in Las Vegas hotels which offer many packages. Each package has a certain price and provide certain offers including music, flowers, coordinators, etc.

Here, we gathered the best 10 Las Vegas Chapels which provide the best Las Vegas wedding chapels to everyone. You will adore them and find what you need in their packages.

1- Weddings at The Venetian

Weddings at The Venetian - Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Weddings at The Venetian is something everyone would dream of especially as they offer the best of Italian style, oozing with romance and drenched in luxury. Such elegant level is expected from an Old World creation in modern-day Vegas.

The Italian concept is immersed in every part of the hotel from the interior walkways paved with cobblestone, the arched bridges and piazzas, the delicious Italian food, etc.

Everything combines together to deliver the best atmosphere of this charming property. Definitely, it is the best choice for an elegant wedding.

Additionally, you will be able to choose among seven gorgeous ceremony locations. You will be fascinated by the white wedding gondola with a lush landscape of an Italian garden in three stunning outdoor locations, serenading gondolier on the Grand Canal, the Atrium Waterfall with stunning seasonal décor, the Weddings Bridge located within St. Mark’s Square as well as the intimate wedding chapel itself.

Here, you can make your wedding, then spend your honeymoon enjoying the Italian style, especially the food.

They offer a variety of packages and many other options with different features.

Location: Inside The Venetian | The Palazzo 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Payment Options: All major credit cards, money orders and cashier’s checks.

Phone Number: (866) 548-1807

2- Paris Chapel at Paris Las Vegas

Paris Chapel at Paris Las Vegas - Weddings in Las Vegas

Everyone dream of getting married in Paris. Sure, after all, it is Paris. So how about getting Paris to you? I am not kidding. Paris, the “city of love,” is totally displayed in the Paris hotel.

Amaze yourself with the view of twinkling Eiffel Tower, the subtle details of the place, the decor, the food, etc. You will feel as your ceremony is happening in Paris, while you exist physically in Las Vegas.

At Paris Las Vegas three enchanting venues are available for the couples to exchange their vows, you can choose either the Chapelle du Paradis featuring chandeliers and cherubs on a blue sky ceiling or the Chapelle du Jardin.

A lot of services are offered with the packages including music whether it is pre-recorded or live musicians, floral services, personal wedding coordinators, etc. After all, the priority is the couple’s comfort.

They offer a variety of packages including Topaz, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold Eiffel Tower, Platinum Eiffel Tower, Platinum Cabana Courtyard Package and many other options with different features.

Phone Number: (702) 946-4060, (877) 650-5021

Location: Inside Paris 3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Cards.

3- Wedding Chapel at Bellagio

Wedding Chapel at Bellagio - Vegas Wedding Chapels

The Tuscan-inspired wedding chapel at Bellagio is a romantic destination widely renowned for its elegant artwork, larger-than-life structures, dancing fountains, proposal celebration, lavish indoor decor, renewal vows, outdoor services and the real-life fairytale of a ceremony.

The venues at this place are already decorated magnificently with beautiful shades of cream, rose, peach, antique green and blue, but you can also ask for some customizations to be done.

There are many chapels which feature outdoor ceremonies day and night and can accommodate between 30 to 130 guests.

Whether you need a place for your proposal celebration, wedding, vow renewals or commitment ceremonies, this is the ideal location.

This property has many features including room reservations, photography, videography, spa and salon arrangements and reception information.

They offer a variety of packages including Il Sogno di Vita, Cosa Bella, Bellagio, Deluxe, Ani L’Dodi (My Beloved) Jewish Wedding, Terrazza Di Sogno and many other options with different features.

Location: Inside Bellagio 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone: (702) 693-7700, (888) 987-3344

4- Chapel of The Fountain at Circus Circus

Chapel of The Fountain at Circus Circus - Getting Married in Vegas

For the ones who dream of the unique chapel of a renaissance-themed displaying a serious history as being the top and longest-running hotel wedding chapel, this place is fantastic.

This property, which offers traditional weddings and a variety of other properties per package, can guarantee providing you the best service for your wedding.

They offer different packages including Standard, Contemporary, Unity, Touch of Class, Big Top, Center Ring and many other options with different features.

Location: Inside Circus Circus, 2880 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone Number: (702) 794-3777, (800) 634-6717

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

5- Chapels at Caesars Palace

Chapels at Caesars Palace - Vegas Weddings

All the Roman-inspired Chapels at Caesars Palace features a floral landscape and pond enveloping your wedding and guests in the beauty and traditions of the ancient city.

Imagine your wedding as a modern-day fairy tale where you and your guests live a day in a different world of love and happiness.

You can choose among the 3 kinds of chapels, as the Classico venue seats 196 guests, Romano venue seats 35 guests and Tuscana venue seats 80 guests. They also have different decorations, as Classico is decorated elegantly in beige, blue and cream with chandeliers, while the Romano venue is magnificently displaying some Romano details and the Tuscana glitters with a central chandelier and a timeless charm of Old World Tuscany.

Eventually, we can’t forget the outdoor venue which seats 12 guests and called the Juno Garden. This incredible venue, which is unique with its pond, exquisite metal gazebo and floral landscape.

You can ask the help of one of the available wedding coordinators and ask for any specific features like ceremony music, guitarists and harpists a, an on-site florist, photographers, outdoor ceremonies, unity candle ceremonies, Jewish ceremonies, flowers, photography, etc.

They offer different packages including Bella Luna, Cleopatra, Caesar, Roman, Simcha, etc where each one had different features regarding the photo album personalized video, CD music, wedding certificate holder, flowers for the ceremony, music, food, wedding coordinator, etc.

Location: Inside Caesars Palace, 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards, cashier’s checks.

Phone: (702) 731-7422, (877) 279-3334

6- The Chapel at Luxor

The Chapel at Luxor - Weddings in Vegas

Two chapels are available at Luxor as well as a variety of wedding packages called Diamond, Amethyst, Titanic, Ruby, Sapphire.

On your wedding day at the Luxor, you will be sealing your love under the beacon light and megawatt bulbs. It is incredibly fabulous and transcending above this world.

The place also offers the groom and bride a chance to enjoy their post-wedding buzz while simultaneously taking in the fun atmosphere that saturates the Egyptian-themed property.

You will be smitten by the elegant decor displaying the ancient Egyptian art. Choose between the Luxor’s two chapels as one of the seats 60 guests while the other seats 100.

However, you can always take the third choice for an intimate ceremony at the poolside or in the burlesque setting of the Luxor’s Velvet Room. There are also some additional wedding locations across the resort like the Pyramid and Sphinx.

Many services are offered for your wedding at Luxor including a wedding coordinator, music, photography, videography, catering, dressing rooms, vow renewals, flowers, banquet facilities, officiant, etc.

Location: Inside Luxor, 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

Phone: (866) I-LUV-YOU

7- The Wedding Chapel at Aria

The Wedding Chapel at Aria - Getting Married in Las Vegas

This 2,750-square-foot chapel at ARIA hotel is a modern, romantic chapel for hosting your wedding. It has a lavish decor with contemporary furnishings, flowers on the walls, natural lighting from the frosted glass windows, etc. It seats up to 60 guests.

There are also several wedding locations besides this chapel in this property like poolside, the spa fireside, the elaborate outdoor water wall or inside Dale Chihuly’s glass art gallery.

Several services are offered by this property like wedding coordinators, a luxe hotel suite, spa and salon treatments, photography, florists and flowers, reception services, limo transportation to and from airport, food and beverage options and romantic décor.

There are.many packages offered like Allure, Just the Two of Us, Temptation, Desire, Fantasy, Passion, Seduction, etc.

Location: Inside ARIA, on the first floor of the convention center, 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone: (702) 590-5683, (877) 371-2742

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

8- Wedding Chapel at Planet Hollywood

Wedding Chapel at Planet Hollywood - Cheap Vegas Weddings

Plan your wedding inside the Planet Hollywood at the chapel which seats up to 60 guests, or at the pool terrace to enjoy the coolest views. guests may opt for a ceremony by the pool terrace especially for parties larger than 60.

At this hotel, imagine yourself a Hollywood star planning his wedding at the same place where Elvis and Priscilla Presley were married. Here is the best place to fall.

in love again with your groom and finish your ceremonies. Amaze your guests with the ultra-glam decor which will give you total center-of-a-diamond vibes

Special services are offered to the couples and their guests including additional chapel time, music, use of bridal VIP lounge, candlelit ceremonies, photographers and red carpet paparazzi photos, etc.

Choose from several wedding packages like What Happens in Vegas, Prelude to a Kiss, Love Story, Sleepless in Seattle, Twilight and The Notebook.

Location: Inside the Planet Hollywood, 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone: (702) 785-5933, (877) 333-9474

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

9- The Wedding Chapels at Treasure Island

The Wedding Chapels at Treasure Island - Married in Vegas

You are the most valuable treasure on your wedding day. So would you like to be the treasure of the Treasure Island and get married in champagne tones, with marble altars?

Why not? The Treasure Island sets a romantic tone and opens its chapel which seats up to 65 guests to welcome your family. Yes, you deserve it.

It is magnificent to spend your wedding day surrounded by the whimsical feeling that makes you believe in supernaturals and mermaids. Believe me, it is just as you’ve been whisked into an island dreamland.

The champagne color palate, stately marble altars and classic floral arrangements make your wedding unforgettable, after all, it is once in your life, so let’s make it perfect.

Bridal consultants, private dressing rooms, full-service florist, cake and champagne service, decoration according to your own taste, on-site photographers and videographers and many other wedding services and amenities are provided here.

Choose from the best packages including Romance, Legacy, Destiny, Oasis at TI Poolside, Classic or vow renewal, etc.

Location: Inside Treasure Island, 3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Phone: (702) 894-7700, (888) 818-0999

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

10- The Wedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay

The Wedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas Chapels

For many, the best wedding ever can be made in their best place in the world, at the beach. Ok, let’s do it there with the wedding chapel at Mandalay Bay.

It would be amazing as they offer ceremonies with views of Mandalay Beach and live piano music in any of their three chapels. They also offer a room for the groom and one for the bride.

We are not only talking about hotel’s unique wave pool and sandy beach, but also this incredible hotel which cares a lot about the couples and their guests offers them all of the accommodations necessary to feel right at home in your own private paradise.

It is unbelievable how they combine all the features to create a unique theme which steals the hearts. A rich blend of earth tones, dark woods, modern artwork and glass-beaded lights to create something you’ve never seen before, a chic and contemporary ambiance.

Several packages are provided including the Platinum Skies, Opal Shores, Crystal Waters, Diamond Lights, THE petite, The premier and many others to meet all your requirements.

Location: Inside Mandalay Bay, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Phone: (702) 632-7490, (877) 632-7702

Payment Options: Cash, credit cards.

2- Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Las Vegas is known for being a crazy destination as it offers its guests some amazing locations to spend their time as mentioned before in 19 Ways to Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas.

The same can be said about weddings in Vegas as there are many things to choose among. Most of people who are thinking of getting married in Las Vegas are either looking for a romantic day or for a crazy one.

Therefore, whether you prefer to get married in a helicopter, high roller, limo, etc. you will find what you need below.

Let’s check these magnificent ideas:

1- Las Vegas Wedding at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

Las Vegas Wedding at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

We all hope that our wedding day becomes one to remember, but we think that it needs a lot of planning and money, but what if we can take care all of the details while you enjoy your time at Las Vegas?

From being picked up from your hotel by a private limousine and taking you to the Special Memory Wedding Chapel, planning for the romantic ceremony, making the needed decoration, personalizing till completing every single detail, this is our role at here as the team of Special Memory Wedding Chapel.

You can choose among our packages and between three levels of ceremony depending on your requirements. If you are one of Elvis fans, you can upgrade so you can see him walking you down the aisle and even serenading you.

Different packages are available, they are divided into Package A, Package B, and Package C depending on your needs.

Prices: 99.99$

Check Availability: HERE

2- Elvis Wedding at Graceland Wedding Chapel

Elvis Wedding at Graceland Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Whenever someone says that he wanna get married in Las Vegas, most people advise him to try An Elvis wedding. Yes, as this is definitely the ultimate Las Vegas experience to have the best wedding ever.

At the Graceland Wedding Chapel, this ceremony package will ensure that your wedding day or vow renewal is easy and unforgettable for you and your guests as well.

Enjoy the presence of a talented Elvis impersonator who will accompany you on this day serenading you with classic love songs, he will also escort your bride down the aisle.

The flowers, photos, food, etc are all included in our packages, you just choose one and we will complete without putting any stress on you.

You can ask for the help of a wedding coordinator while you choose something to do from the 16 Best Things to do in Las Vegas during the day

Prices: 184.99$

Check Availability: HERE

3- Valley of Fire Wedding by Private Limousine

Valley of Fire Wedding by Private Limousine - Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The idea is maybe new for you but it is one of the top ways to get married in Las Vegas. You must be thinking of giving your beloved an unforgettable wedding, then why you don’t choose getting married in a very special setting like this Valley of Fire Wedding by Private Limousine?

You will be moving in a luxurious limousine where you can use all the limo services. Surely, you will have a professional photographer and someone planning all the details so you can enjoy your day without any worries.

Everything will be planned perfectly to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. However, you have to be careful that each booking must have 2 people only.

It is the time to get married at the Valley of Fire Transport by private limousine and enjoy all the special features offered for couples.

Prices: 549.99$

Check Availability: HERE

4- Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding

Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding - Places to Get Married in Las Vegas

Have you ever dreamed of getting married and saying “I do” with a view like the one offered by Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding package? On this day, let’s explore one of the most stunning natural wonders in America while sitting in a six-seat helicopter.

You will get the opportunity to enjoy your day, while w will take care of all the hard work, planning and worries.

There are many different options for you. You can just pay some additional costs and opt for an Elvis or Johnny Cash impersonator to be with you on your wedding day.

Many features are available within these Las Vegas wedding packages or for additional costs including wedding coordinators, flowers, music, etc.

Prices: 924.99$

Check Availability: HERE

5- Las Vegas Limousine Wedding Ceremony

Las Vegas Limousine Wedding Ceremony - Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Wanna change your wedding to an amazing experience full of the glitz and glam of Sin City? This can be true with this limousine wedding ceremony as you will have the chance to cruise down the Las Vegas Strip on your wedding day.

Choose one of the three offered packages which include flowers, music, professional photographer and round-trip transportation. You will have everything you need to say I do in a romantic atmosphere.

Before booking your package, notice that you can either get married alone or invite along up to four guests to be with you on this day. This day comes only once-in-a-lifetime and it will be the best Las Vegas experience with Las Vegas Limousine Wedding Ceremony.

Prices: 598.99$

Check Availability: HERE

6- Las Vegas Night Flight Helicopter Wedding Ceremony

Las Vegas Night Flight Helicopter Wedding Ceremony

A tour by the helicopter above Las Vegas is the dream of everyone, but getting married in the sky while hovering over Las Vegas is an unforgettable memory.

With our packages, get married in a luxury helicopter where a minister will marry you in the presence of 3 other guests. It will be a 15-minute flight from Las Vegas.

Notice that if you choose to take a photographer with you (not included in the package), you will be allowed to take only two guests with you.

The duration of this whole package is 2 hours. It includes the minister’s fee, a helicopter flight, a limousine transportation from your hotel, the drinks and cake, the groom’s boutonniere, the bouquet, etc.

Prices: 199.99$

Check Availability: HERE

7- World Famous Drive-up Wedding in Las Vegas

World Famous Drive-up Wedding in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Getting married in Las Vegas doesn’t mean that you will have to spend all your money. With this World Famous Drive-up Wedding in Las Vegas, you can still have the chance to save some money, get an amazing wedding and save yourself some hassle.

Booking your wedding with us allows you to have two guests only to be with you.

Our unique Las Vegas wedding package meet most of your requirements including flowers and professional portraits.

You also have the opportunity to upgrade the ordinary package to the supersize one to get a professional DVD of your ceremony, novelty license plate and some other interesting features.

What are you waiting for? Book your tour now.

Prices: 62.49$

Check Availability: HERE

8- Valley of Fire Wedding Package

Valley of Fire Wedding Package - Weddings in Las Vegas

Customize your wedding with the Valley of Fire wedding package. It has several features including Wedding Officiant, all Valley of Fire required permits, minimum digital images on USB, a professional photographer, limousine transportation, etc.

This package allows you to invite up to 6 guests in addition to the couples at NO additional charge.

There are many details within this package, as you’ll be picked up and dropped off at your hotel by the limousine, and you will also get some amazing photos along the way.

You can choose between a civil or a religious ceremony. There are five available locations to plan your wedding in Valley of Fire. Absolutely, it is the perfect romantic experience for couples.

Prices: 549.00$

Check Availability: HERE

9- Las Vegas Value Ceremony on Observation Wheel

Las Vegas Value Ceremony on Observation Wheel - Vegas Wedding Chapels

Enjoy your love as well as your wedding in the air! Did you ever imagine that your special day will take place in The High Roller? It can be true with a private wedding ceremony on board.

You will ride the 550-foot-tall observation wheel with your beloved and enjoy the incredible, unparalleled views of Las Vegas. This location offers you a magnificent background for your photos.

Choose between the three available different packages and celebrate your wedding with 10 and 40 guests.

These Las Vegas wedding packages include many features and you can ask for additional paid ones like drinks, photographers, etc.

Prices: 799.00$

Check Availability: HERE

10- Vow Renewal at The Chapel of the Flowers

Vow Renewal at The Chapel of the Flowers - Weddings in Vegas

Vow Renewal at the Chapel of the Flowers provides all the couples an amazing, romantic Renewal of Vows ceremony.

You are not alone to plan this day as the dedicated, talented team are available to help you plan, executed and be a part of every detail on this day to make it the best one in your life.

Many features are available with our packages including free hotel pickup and drop-off as well as some amazing paid ones

Prices: 494.00$

Check Availability: HERE

With all the options above, you will wish to marry many times to try them all; however, most of them also offer packages for other ceremonies to try them.

After deciding your Las Vegas wedding chapel, you can also check the Top 12 Romantic Things to do in Las Vegas and Best Las Vegas Shows for Kids and Family to determine what you would like to do on your honeymoon, you will be fascinated by the amazing options.

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